14:28 06.03.2024

Transport Safety Service provides record revenues to budget from fines, penalties in 2023

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The State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety in 2023 provided a record amount of revenue to the state budget – UAH 637 million, which is 3.1 times more than in 2022.

This was announced by the head of the service, Yevhen Zborovsky, at a press conference dedicated to the release of the public report of the State Service for last year.

"These are record figures in the entire history of the State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety. We see a comparison with 2022... [in 2022, the service ensured budget revenues of UAH 205.1 million]," the head of the service said.

He said that most of the amount consists of penalties and fines. Last year, more than UAH 800 million of fines and penalties were imposed.

The revenue figure is UAH 378 million from penalties imposed during raid inspections. In particular, UAH 329 million from raid inspections involving freight transport and UAH 49 million from transport performing freight transportation. In 2022, the revenue were UAH 111 million and UAH 10.5 million, respectively.

In addition, the budget received UAH 228 million in fines from automatic registration of violations of dimensional and weight parameters recorded by Weight-in-Motion vehicle weighing systems.

Zborovsky said that the revenue figure of UAH 637 million is twice the amount allocated from the state budget for the maintenance of the State Service for Transport Safety, including for employee salaries.

The head of the service also said that over the past year more violations were recorded, both in the freight transport and passenger transport segments.

"In both situations, we see that there was an increase in the number of violations identified. Indeed, compared to 2022, in 2023 the country's economy began to recover. The number of transportation began to grow and at the same time the number of violations increased," Zborovsky said.

The service also reported that the increase in the efficiency of its work in 2023 was facilitated by the right received last year to install wheel locks on a vehicle and accompany it to the weight control point. Violations of size and weight parameters are recorded using WIM complexes – 50 such complexes have been installed in 20 regions, mainly on roads that were built in 2020-2021.