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Joint projects between Taiwan and the Czech Republic to help Ukrainians are unique – representative of Czech govt

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Joint projects between Taiwan and the Czech Republic to help Ukrainians are unique – representative of Czech govt

The Czech Republic's government representative for Ukraine, Tomáš Kopečný, spoke about the "unique" involvement of Taiwan in joint projects with the Czech Republic to aid the Ukrainian people suffering from the consequences of the Russian invasion.

Speaking in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine about Taiwan's participation in three joint projects with the Czech government, Kopečný said: "Taiwan's participation in these projects is unique. It was Taiwan's initiative when, a year and a half ago, this government quickly and spontaneously contacted the governments of the Czech Republic, Lithuania, and Poland, stating that they wanted to help Ukraine. And we said: yes, of course. We know Ukraine very well, we have relevant experience. This is unique because such projects have never been implemented before. Even though there are no official diplomatic channels between Taipei and Kyiv at present, it is especially important, also for us, that Taiwan is a country that helps the Ukrainian people. And the Ukrainian people will know about it."

According to Kopečný, the governments of the Czech Republic and Taiwan are implementing three joint projects in the areas of energy supply, drinking water provision, and first medical aid for Ukrainians.

"In the medical field, we are talking about the supply of first aid systems to hospitals in Kharkiv region. This includes several fully modernized and equipped wards with trained doctors in the fields of gynecology, intensive care, pediatrics for children, and surgery. This was done because hospitals are overcrowded with patients suffering from combat injuries, and most doctors, as well as the available capacities, are used for them. The mentioned four areas are primary needs for millions of civilians," Kopečný said.

In the field of energy, the Czech Republic and Taiwan are supplying so-called "co-generators," equipment that combines heating and electricity.

"These are large boxes with a generator that combines heating and energy for areas housing 15,000-20,000 people. This equipment is jointly produced by Czech and Taiwanese companies," said the government representative. According to him, a total of 10 such units will be delivered to Ukraine.

In the field of water supply, the Czech Republic and Taiwan are providing so-called "water factories."

"This is a container system connected to a polluted water source that purifies water to a drinkable level for the population. After the dam in Nova Kakhovka was destroyed, more than 1 million people in Dnipropetrovsk region alone faced a shortage of drinking water. Across Ukraine, according to UN estimates, there are between 5 million and 6 million people who lack regular access to drinking water. This is a really big problem," he said.

According to Kopečný, this equipment is mobile and can be easily installed on-site. A total of 13 units of this equipment will be delivered to Ukraine, with each capable of providing water for about 10,000 people. "We are doing this in coordination with local authorities," added the Czech government representative.

He also said that the projects in the fields of energy and water, initiated last year, are designed for a year and will conclude in the upcoming June, while the medical project is planned for three years.

Kopečný expressed hope that the cooperation between the Czech Republic and Taiwan "will continue, and the people of Taiwan and its government will see the benefits of such participation," including in the process of reconstruction and recovery of Ukraine.

"Such assistance makes Taiwan more visible on the international stage. They see that Ukraine is a place where events are happening that can also determine their fate. Ukraine has been experiencing aggression for many years, and at the same time, there are increasingly strong statements from Beijing about the reunification of Taiwan with China. Taiwan is a partner that cares about peace, and the world should care about Taiwan," said the Czech government representative.