President of Switzerland: We understand well that peace process without Russia inconceivable

To achieve a long-term solution for peace, the Russian Federation must participate in the peace process, says the President of the Swiss Confederation, Viola Amherd.

"Switzerland is a partner for peace and dialogue. As a neutral country, we look back on a long tradition of solidarity and good offices. The harmonious coexistence of nations is not just a noble objective. Striving for a just and peaceful international order is a commitment set out in our Constitution," she said at the first plenary meeting of the global Peace Summit.

She noted: "To fulfill this responsibility and honor our tradition, my government accepted President Zelenskyy's request to host this summit. Our aim is to launch a broadly supported process where voices from all corners of the globe can discuss their ideas and points of view."

According to Amherd, the countries' acceptance of such a proposal proves that this approach was correct.

At the same time, the Swiss President expressed her conviction that the Russian Federation should be a participant in the peace process. "We are well aware that a peace process without Russia is inconceivable. A lasting solution must involve both parties. As an international community, we can help pave the way," Amherd said.