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100 drones "MAVIC from AMIC” are already on the front lines

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100 drones "MAVIC from AMIC” are already on the front lines

AMIC ENERGY filling stations and Dignitas Fund have announced that all 100 DJI MAVIC 3 drones have been delivered to the Ukrainian Armed Forces and are successfully performing combat missions on the front line.

On 8 February, the Austrian petrol station chain AMIC ENERGY and the Dignitas Fund announced the completion of the transfer of 100 reconnaissance drones as part of the MAVIC from AMIC charity initiative.

Ukrainians continue to show continuous support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and AMIC ENERGY and the Dignitas Fund continue their mission and provide the necessary assistance. In total, with the extraordinary support of customers, the gas station chain has allocated almost UAH 8 million to purchase 100 DJI MAVIC 3 drones for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


"We are grateful to our customers and partners for their support in this charitable initiative," said Audrius Stropus, CEO of AMIC UKRAINE. "The delivery of the first 100 drones reflects our shared commitment to defending the country and supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition, after talking to the military, we have a better understanding of their current needs and will try to meet these requests."

As stated on the company's official social media pages, Audrius Stropus has repeatedly visited military training grounds for UAV operators to test MAVICs, talking to the military about drones and other needs in the defence of Ukraine.

AMIC ENERGY together with the foundation, gradually transferred drones to the military as they arrived in Ukraine. The first batch of 25 Mavic drones was delivered by 15 November last year, the next batch of 50 - at the beginning of this year, and as of today, more than 80 military units of the Security and Defence Forces have already received all 100 drones.

AMIC ENERGY promises to continue its support for Ukraine in all areas and hints at the continuation of the MAVIC from AMIC charity initiative.

The MAVIC from AMIC initiative was launched last year, where UAH 5 for each receipt for petrol or diesel fuel at AMIC ENERGY filling stations is used to purchase DJI MAVIC 3 drones. Additional information on the terms of the collection can be found on the official website dedicated to the charity initiative.



AMIC ENERGY is an Austrian company that owns a network of 470 retail service stations in Austria, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine. Since the full-scale invasion, AMIC ENERGY has been continuously providing assistance to units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, military administrations, territorial communities of different regions, and charitable organizations, and has already sent: more than 350 thousand liters of fuel, more than 65 units of special military devices and hardware complex for suppressing control channels of the ANTIDRON KVSG 6+ UAV, military clothing and body armor, almost 200 travel heaters, cars, universal mobile batteries Hama Supreme, etc.

Dignitas is a charitable foundation that has been helping to build a strong, technologically capable, and modern army since 2014 by providing the Armed Forces of Ukraine with technical and other tactical assistance, equipment, and high-quality knowledge and practices.

The Foundation was created by a large team of like-minded people, including Lyuba Shipovych and Maria Berlinska.