16:03 11.06.2024

TAS Group enters european markets: Production modernization, innovative products, and international quality standards

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The TAS group of companies, one of the largest Ukrainian holdings, is actively developing exports of its products and services to European markets. The group's enterprises are modernizing production, developing innovative products, and implementing international quality standards to become reliable partners for European clients. This was revealed by the group's leader Anna Tigipko in an exclusive interview.

«In the production sector, the key direction for us is exports, exports, and more exports. We are modernizing our enterprises, developing innovative products, and implementing international quality standards to become reliable partners for European clients,» noted Mrs. Tigipko.

According to her, the group's flagship enterprise – the Dniprometyz plant – has already taken the first steps to enter the German market. Thanks to investments in modern production lines and technologies, the plant has sufficient capacity and product quality to meet the demands of demanding European consumers.

Another example is the Neyl enterprise, which manufactures nails. It aims to become a reliable supplier for European manufacturers of wooden pallets through direct cooperation with end consumers and adherence to high quality standards.

TAS Stalzavod is focusing on actively developing a new range of castings both in Ukraine and European markets. The enterprise is expanding its client base, improving product quality, and increasing production volumes to become a key player in the casting market.

Dniprovaghonmash, in turn, is focused on creating innovative products, including 40-60-80-foot flat cars for container transportation. The plant is also implementing an operational excellence program, introducing advanced technologies and increasing production efficiency to European standards.

As Anna Tigipko noted, in the coming years, Dniprovaghonmash will pay special attention to focusing on the EU market. The enterprise is working on certifying its products according to European technical specifications (TSI) and preparing for audits.

TAS Poltavvaghon also plans to expand its export line, adding Bulk containers and mobile refueling complexes. Thanks to its powerful production potential, the company can manufacture tank cars and containers for almost any requirements of foreign customers.

«We understand that the path to European markets requires investment, technological modernization, and changes in business processes. But we are ready to make efforts to meet the high demands and expectations of foreign partners. This will allow us to diversify sales markets and make our export strategy more sustainable», summarized the head of the TAS group.

Entering European markets is a strategic priority for many Ukrainian manufacturers. It allows not only to increase revenue but also to join global value-added chains, adopt best practices and technologies. The example of the TAS group shows that Ukrainian enterprises have sufficient potential to compete worthily in the demanding European markets.