11:36 14.06.2024

Grain - Pigs - Meat: the value chain

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On June 12, Kyiv hosted the business forum "Grain. Pigs. Meat - 2024", which brought together representatives of agribusiness, processing, supply, finance and investment, government agencies, experts and bloggers.
We are grateful to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for this opportunity!  

We are grateful to the guests, participants, partners and sponsors of the Forum from Kyiv, Chernihiv, Odesa, Mykolaiv, Lviv, Kharkiv and other cities and towns of Ukraine who attended the business forum "Grain. Pigs. Meat - 2024" and joined the discussion of crucial issues that help businesses move from confrontation to cooperation, provide new opportunities for scaling and development of entire sectors of the Ukrainian economy!

The Forum highlighted the issues that hinder the development of the Grain - Pigs - Meat value chain, held active discussions, proposed solutions and provided effective tools.

Forum participants learned about:
- The importance of developing industries that create added value in Ukraine's economy in times of war, with raw material exports blocked, expensive logistics, and a cheap price for the raw material itself and its minimal added value
- The possibility of replacing grain exports with exports of meat and meat products, which are high value-added goods.
- The state and prospects of the pig and meat industry in Ukraine during and after the war.
- The next stages of implementation of the New Pig Breeding of Ukraine program, which envisages a fourfold increase in the number of pigs, from 6 to 12 billion euros of added value.
- Possibility of eradicating ASF in Ukraine through vaccine prevention, lifting the stamping out in industrial pig production and unblocking pork exports.
- Establishment of an international consortium to support ASF control measures in Ukraine and Europe.
- Adaptation of pig production in Ukraine to a possible decline in pig prices due to overproduction in the absence of pork exports.
- Investment opportunities for the meat industry, pig production and farmers.
- Newest and digital technologies for pig production and meat processing.
- The Family Pig Farms social project, which will help war veterans start a successful pig farming business.
- Opportunities to obtain additional funding, grants, and investment.
- Training of highly qualified personnel for meat industry enterprises.
- Implementation of a mechanism for cooperation between producers and processors to protect profitability throughout the chain.

We call for cooperation for the development of Ukraine and believe in Ukrainians who, even in the most difficult times, do their best to rebuild our country. Only together we can make the Ukrainian agro-industrial complex stronger, more sustainable and competitive in the global market!